Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are my life.

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Part of me is like “ONLY FOUR WEEKS UNTIL 1989 HELL YEA”

But the other part is like

"There’s still four weeks until 1989 I’m not gonna make it"

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she is……………an angel………………..she literally walked into the room and it felt like i had been punched in the gut because nothing prepared me. i didn’t know what to do. when she looks into your eyes u die a little bit. u can’t feel it at the time but u walk away weaker. a little piece of u is gone forever because taylor swift took it while staring into ur soul with her beautiful eyes…….her lips are……………….beautiful and luscious and when she smiles u see Jesus Christ himself creeps out from her teeth because it’s so bright and her BODY GOOD LORD……..GIVE ME SO MUCH STRENGHTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS AMAZING  I AM SO WEAK  I LITELRALYK I DONTU O O88H


what i love about these sessions is that now taylor understands all of the fandom jokes so people keep talking to her about them and she’s so chill about it and she doesnt even think we’re weird?????????? give me a moment

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The best thing about Taylor having a stance at feminism is that she’s not like some uneducated celebrity just wanting to have an opinion and going for a label that’s popular to look strong right now - nope, Taylor actually reads and educates herself enough to talk about anything or she won’t talk about it publicly. That’s the beautiful part, never underestimate her - she’s sexy, sweet, kind, smart and OVERALL THE BEST CELEBRITY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.

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